Are there trainings out of working hours and on weekends?

Yes. You can find the related date and time information from the title.

I'm a senior at university. Would it be helpful for me to attend these trainings before graduation?

If you are familiar with the general design techniques of the department you’ve been studying, you can participate in the trainings. This software will give you a competitive advantage and superiority both in your academic life and in your career.

Can I get a certificate at the end of the training?

All participants are entitled to receive “Certificate of Participation” from Deko LTD.
They can receive the Autodesk professional certificate by taking the Autodesk exam. All procedures related to attending this exam are conducted by our center.

What benefits do I get by obtaining an Autodesk certification, where is this certificate accepted?

All Autodesk certified certificates have international validity. Obtaining such a certificate brings you to the fore in business life.

Can I participate in the training with my own laptop?

Yes, you can. We can also provide a 30-day trial version of the Programs for your computer.

Do I need to have licensed software for training?

There is no such obligation.

How are the organizations of corporate training done?

Classes are formed according to the requests received by us through the pre-registration and contact information.

Can we determine our own training content?

Within the scope of individual training, we can prepare a special content as a result of an interview in accordance with your needs. Only basic education subjects are considered for our mixed groups.

Is there a compulsory attendance to the training?

In order to benefit from the learning guarantee, 80% of the attendance is required.

Do we have the opportunity to receive training in our own office?

It is possible if you provide a well-equipped training environment. Based on our experience, in case of work follow-up in the training environment, the efficiency of the training decreases.

What Are the Payment Terms?

Payments are received in advance, by cash or installments on credit card.